If you have already purchased 23andMe, we can use that raw genetic data for your Genotique analysis. We have several options to help you reach your goals.

genoFIT 23

For the health-conscious fitness enthusiast
genoFIT 23 genoFIT 23
USD 199.00
Out of stock

genoHEALTH 23

For the individual looking to optimize health and overall wellness
genoHEALTH 23 genoHEALTH 23
USD 199.00
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Turn your DNA analysis into dietary strategies that fit your lifestyle with Genotique Coaching

Ongoing coaching teaches you to build flexibility into your plan by addressing your changing needs. Working with an expert coach who meets you where you are at and takes into account your lifestyle, goals, food preferences, and what makes you uniquely you helps increase adherence, making health optimization changes sustainable. 

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