Your DNA is a key factor shaping your body’s needs and response to what you eat.

Personalized Advice

Our DNA analysis unlocks your gene-diet interactions that shape your body’s needs and response to what you eat

Sustainable Action

We create your personalized nutrition plan with a sustainable focus, without sacrificing your quality of life.


Your Goals

We tailor your myGTQ results to your specific lifestyle and goals to make your genetic information actionable

Your Unique Lifestyle Blueprint

We employ the latest and best scientific research to help you discover your unique gene-diet interactions to make optimal food choices for your health and fitness.  Our team of experts in genetics and nutrition work one-on-one with you to coach you through a customized plan tailored to you and your lifestyle. We  make your genetic information actionable and empower you to reach your goals without sacrificing quality of life.

All of our plans include actionable advice on how your genes affect:

Omega-3 Response

Food Intolerances

Power/Endurance Response

Fat Taste Perception

Iron Overload

Carbohydrate Response

Saturated Fat Response

Nutrient Metabolism

Cardiometabolic Health

Weight Management

Caffeine Sensitivity

How We Work

We start at the molecular level to identify genetic variations called single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs, pronounced “snips”) influencing your unique response to food. We then tailor this information to you by integrating your health and diet history, your goals, your food psychology, your biofeedback, your exercise behavior, your lifestyle… everything that formulates your nutritional identity but is ignored by a generalized, one-size-fits-all approach.

We finally make this information actionable by one-on-one nutritional counselling with a myGTQ dietitian using our HIPAA compliant health coaching app or video consultation.

Your Privacy is Important.

Our founders were trained in research and practiced in public healthcare, which has strict privacy policies when it comes to genetic and medical information. We adhere to the highest standards to protect your privacy. We take your trust in us very seriously and will never disclose any personal information or store your data without security and encryption.

For more information please consult our full privacy policy

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